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The Forsythe Firm can handle every aspect of your Social Security disability claim. Have questions? We are here to help.


The Forsythe Firm offers:

  • Free evaluation of your case

  • Assistance with preparing your initial application

  • Help obtaining medical records and doctor's reports

  • Handling correspondence with Social Security for you

  • Submitting all briefs, reports, and records

  • Filing an appeal to get your case heard by a judge if you are denied

  • Preparing you for what to expect at an appeals hearing

  • Going with you to the hearing to protect your rights

  • Cross examination of Social Security's vocational expert to put your case in the best light possible


Statistics show that claimants with professional representation are much more likely to win benefits than those who go it alone.

Have questions? Click here to contact us today to discuss your case at no charge.